Small to medium-sized businesses

Ensure the success of your project with our solid Banking and Financial Software Development expertise.

Tawasul Tech's teams have wide expertise in financial APIs, mobile banking apps, mobile trading platforms, FinTech app development, insurance software solutions, and more.


IT Solutions for Financial Industry

Deliver a frictionless, personalized, and omnichannel customer onboarding experience.

Ensure scalability to cater to all loan types and future-proof your enterprise.

Improve compliance and efficiency by automating and centralizing standard trade processes.

Streamline your payment processes with new technologies to deliver a modern and seamless customer experience.

The financial software engineers handle scaling, security, and data protection, cover API integration and open banking, and expand digital opportunities.

Comply with regulatory requirements to mitigate risk and enable secure operations.

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Our System

Financial Services Software

At Tawasul Tech for Communication and Technology, we are a product company building digital lending, digital onboarding, Mobile App, AML, fraud management solution, CRM, Ticketing module and Call Center solution for the BFSI industry. We are headquartered in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.